Our ancestors knew the beauty of a grapevine already in the Middle Ages. The vineyards were established in hilly terrain, on gentle slopes. They were able to find favorable conditions in the whole area of ​​the Pohronská Uplands, with the undulating terrain. Winemaking and vineyard cultivation therefore have a very old history in our region.

A closer history of our vineyards was written by the Agricultural Cooperative Mier Vráble, which took over the vineyards after the nobility, while planting the varieties Welschriesling, Grün Veltliner and Roter Traminer.

Due to the poor condition and inappropriate orientation of the previous vineyards, in 2008, we decided to prepare the ground for planting new varieties. And that is how we began to write a new history under our brand TAJNA.

The history of winemaking in Tajna

The area around today’s town Vráble, has already been identified by our ancestors as ideal for growing wines, and the tradition of growing vines dates back to the 12th century. It was natural that every family owned its own vineyard and the method of wine production was instilled in everyone from an early age.

The first known owner of vineyards in the area of our winery, was the county governor of Tekov, Ján Tajnai, who in 1840 built a mansion in the village of Tajná. With his death, the mansion was given to an important Hungarian aristocratic Revay family. Baron Šimon Révay, Prime Minister of Hungary, owned vineyards on the same Sari plot, where the vineyards of our winery are located today. The aristocratic Révay family significantly contributed to the development of viticulture in our region. The baron had planted mainly the varieties Othello and Blue Portugal, which he however processed to make a wine that resulted in brandy.

Our vineyards in time

The purchase of the land by family Demeš and Strieška


The first part of the vineyard on Sari plot was planted


The second part of the vineyard on Sari plot was planted


Tajna Vineyards & Winery opened


The vineyard on Nad Hoferskou plot was planted