TAJNA Vineyards & Winery

Tajna Vineyards & Winery is a boutique family winery located in a small village of Tajna, in Nitra wine region of Slovakia. The winery produces handcrafted wines in a limited quantity solely from its own grapes. It is located next to our vineyards, ensuring that the grapes do not travel more than a few meters, for vinification, ageing and bottling.


Our boutique winery is characterized by the premium quality of its wines and the attention to the detail. The combination of authentic visuals and the unique tranquil location create an exceptional place for all wine lovers.


Our vineyards are situated on the sunny southwest slope in the valley of the river Širočina. The organic approach that we believe in keeps the natural balance in our vineyards and benefits not only our product,  that we proudly stand behind, but also the whole ecosystem.


Wine tastings and events

We invite you to experience the story behind our wines at our premises. The unique winery with an interior inspired by the aesthetics of Provence is now opened for public visits. Enjoy private wine tastings, family events or team buildings at the always magical TAJNA winery.

Vineyards & Winery

A boutique winery does not only mean being small. Get to know our story.